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it's more than event planning

The Anastasia Collective aims to design experiences that you will remember forever. We pay attention to the personal touches at an event that tell your mission's story or give a peek into a couple's favorite memory; we create designs so that the brand pops beautifully and cleverly. There is no event too big, and surely none too intimate.

Your event should be an experience. And it will, with us.

Kristy Giandomenico

A creative eye, attention to detail, a no bullshit perspective. That's what you get with Kristy. Since moving to Pittsburgh, she has emerged herself into the world of event planning & design and perfected the ability to bring your wildest dreams to life. 

With over a decade of experience, Kristy is drawn to creating experiences around the things that matter most. Whether its coordinating a gala to raise money for a mission-based organization, weaving a couple's personality into their wedding décor, or creating the most entertaining way to have people connect over celebrations, she can do it - and she does it like no other.

If you made it this far, you are probably deciding if you can vibe with her. An appreciation for comedy (especially dry humor), ordering the sweetest cocktail on the menu, building up & empowering all women, and just going for it are all passions of Kristy's.


Oh, and she's an aries, by definition: bold, ambitious, & full of fire. 

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